16 August 2007


I'd like to try to do a little more with the blog. It would appear to our reader(s) that we have stopped eating at mexican restaurants since there hasn't been a review in quite a while. In reality, this is completely false as we have eaten mexican as much as 3 times and as few as only 1 time per week since we started dating. I guess we're just lazy, or never really have much to say after we've glutted ourselves on cheese dip and rice and beans. I will say that we went to Taco Cabana about two weeks ago and it was just as satisfying as I remember, though the cheese dip was and I suspect always is sub-par.

So my plan is to try to post a photo a day from my commute. It takes about an hour on the bus or train, so that seems like plenty of time to take some pictures. I forgot this was my plan today, so here's a picture (2) from a previous commute:

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