28 December 2007

Christmas travels

I spent the first part of my Christmas in Mobile with Mark and his fam (pictures are of the Mobile area, not Mark's relatives):




Then I flew back to Atlanta and drove to Trussville AL to spend some time with my own parents. I didn't take any pictures there, but my sister got a new digital camera from her new husband for Christmas, so maybe we will see some pictures soon. There was this one amazing house with lights of all kinds, including a light up sign from what appeared to be a defunct airline? Still, this house was no match for the house in Chattanooga off Standifer Gap Road (I think it might be on Daugherty Lane...?).

Really what I wanted to discuss was this really cool tripod Mark got me for Christmas. It's bendy and can be positioned in many different ways and wrapped around tree branches and such.

Tripod legs...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Leigh----Thanks for the Xmas
    cookies and the tote bag. We have
    enjoyed both.

    I need to invite you and Mark over
    to the new house for a lunch or

    Happy New Year.