24 January 2008

Bad Egg

I just ate two eggs and am starting to worry that maybe they were bad. I am thinking, did they smell funny for eggs, or just regular egg-like? Sometimes eggs remind me a lot of the chickens they would have become, all featherless and smelly and slimy and rife with salmonella. But most of the time I really like eggs, especially soft or hard boiled, they are the perfect little food, self-contained and hand-sized, like a banana (or if you want to go the perfect food route, like beans). At the Vietnamese restaurant we frequent during lunch breaks at work, there is this delicious seafood soup with little quail eggs that I think about a lot.

But enough about eggs. I'm frequently surprised by how many attractive people spend their time crafting and blogging about it. Take for example the lovely Jenny Gordy. I really love that shirt she's always making. I really want that lifestyle for myself. But when I get home from work, I'm always so tired, and there's always something else to do--movie night or dinner making, parties, Righteous Room, etc. I want to start narrowing my options. I'm not sure of the best way to do this but I think it has to do with changing jobs. I know, I talk about it a lot. But someday...

I've signed up for Thing-a-day even though I'll be in Korea the first 10 days of Feb.


  1. But when I get home from work, I'm always so tired,

    yeah, I know that one. I had to start making time at the end of the day for my own pursuits and quit picking up the remote control.

  2. For me it will be more like, stop playing on the computer. When I lived with Korinne she'd always make fun of me because I'd spend all day staring at a computer at work and then look at crafts and etc. on the computer at night.