11 January 2008

How did I miss this?

I don't understand how I missed this, I was in this hotel, I walked on that shag carpet and wondered about the empty red shelves. NetWorking at Bridge Art Fair in Miami:

Seems kind of interesting, though it looks like the early days were more so, look how closely they're sitting to one another!

I guess playing with the ideas that our work is always rooted in someone else's, we are never wholly independent or alone, indeed, we work within a network that existed before us and will continue after we've moved down the hall, is integral to the entire project, but to me, equally interesting would be the act of crafting so close to someone else, basically knitting into their knitting. As in, this is what it is to be in a community, in a network with someone else, their movements, their actions, their work influences one's own in a way that is more immediate and tangible than it is in a group of people with personal space sitting in a semi-circle. But.

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