09 March 2008

Crafting at the coffee shop

Today I went to the Craft: 06 Release Party at Park Grounds. I made this little birdie.


I also made this alligator head/fish:

alligator headfishie

I didn't really have anything planned with either of these, I just cut out some shapes and stuffed them and decided what they looked like as I was going. That's a nice way to craft, it's an adventure!

I had a good time doing some crafts with a lot of other people doing crafts but was too shy to strike up a conversation with anyone, which I think Mark thinks is weird, and makes me worry that maybe I'll never make any new friends and I'll just turn into some weird old cat lady who never throws anything away. Oh, well, maybe next time?
This kind of ties in with how I feel whenever I try to talk to almost everyone, I just feel stupid and have nothing to say, which makes me feel awkward and even stupider. I think it may have something to do with being alienated from my labor. Sitting at a computer 10 hours a day shuffling containers of containers around has turned my brains to mush!

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