22 March 2008

Plain Spoken

Here's the top for the quilt I'm making for Cara's new baby boy, Andrew. It's from The Modern Quilt Workshop; the pattern is "Plain Spoken." After I had cut out most of the fabric I actually read the information in the quilt book and realized it's designed for solid fabrics (hence the name), and using too many prints would probably not do the pattern justice. So I bought some remnants to add a few nice solid colors. I like the way it turned out, I think the prints add a few nice points of interest to the quilt.


I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the back, I have some pieces leftover from the top, and I also have some nice corduroys I was thinking of using. I didn't really enjoy quilting with corduroy when I was making Kim's quilt, it seems to fray so much, but maybe for the back it wouldn't be so bad because I would use larger pieces.


  1. Hey Lee. It's Leslie, from the Oglethorpe days.

    This is a great quilt ... nice mix of blues and prints.

  2. Your named is spelled "Leigh," btw. In case you were unsure of how to spell it.

  3. thanks Leslie! for the compliment and the spelling tip! did I hear you're married?