13 March 2008

Stripe dress


Earlier this week I made a dress, without once using a measuring tape or pattern! It's knit which made it less scary, because it seems more forgiving. But it was my first time working with knit. This dress was also the first time I did sleeves without a pattern, and only the second time doing sleeves at all! I've always been intimidated by them, but I guess they're not that scary. These are a little bunchy at the underarm but overall, not bad. I used a zigzag stitch on all the hemming because it's stretchier, and I don't like it when you're putting on or taking off some knit thing and then you hear the stitching rip, maybe it's nothing that will make the garment fall apart or create a hole, but it's enough to think that someday, all those little tears will add up...

neckline and so-so sleeves

You can see the whole dress here.

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