19 May 2008

Baking Day

Today I made the best loaf of bread so far:


I mixed it up about a week ago and it has a nice lightly sour flavor. It's not too dense or chewy, has a very crispy crust and is beautifully browned. I love this book!

I also baked some lemon strawberry muffins from here. They are a little overdone:


But actually, on the inside, the strawberry keeps them quite moist. I am a little disappointed with how not-lemony they are. Next time, I'm going to add zest of another lemon and juice of one or maybe even both. One thing, I didn't have buttermilk or even regular milk to sour, so after checking online I "soured" some soy-rice milk. It's possible this contributed to the dearth of lemon flavor in the muffins. But I'm almost positive this substitution caused the subtle weird aftertaste.

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