13 May 2008

macaroni and cheese

Have I told you how much I love this blog? My favorite mac-and-cheese recipe is one that I think belongs to Scott Peacock, the handsome, white-gray-haired executive chef of Watershed (Mark recommends the pork chops). I think it might be from The Gift of Southern Cooking. This recipe calls for and half AND whipping cream AND sour cream, so as you might imagine, it's very rich. I really like that the cheese is cubed and tossed in with the macaroni before the white sauce is poured over it, it creates dense patches of cheese throughout. And I think it makes the best macaroni and cheese ever.

So it really says something about my respect for Deb's judgment and taste that I try another macaroni and cheese recipe. This recipe does not specify the fat content of the milk used, and a cheese sauce is mixed with the noodles before baking. I did not use the breadcrumb topping because I think such things are silly, but now I realize I should have thrown some on top as it would have absorbed the layer of grease (or "flavor" as Mark would call it) which instead I've tried to absorb with paper towel.


How it was:


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