14 November 2008

light purple (aka "lurple") crochet

I finally finished the Wunderkammer jellyfish I started a while ago. I was almost done for a long time, just needed to add the feeding tentacles or whatever. They're pinned to a piece of string hanging on our wall, like we're drying them out to eat later.


And also, I got a fancy new G1. But I lost the case it came with after a few days, so I whipped up this one:



I'd say all the major design elements that I really like are Erik's suggestions. I was originally going to do it in cream with the line-side on the inside, but after a brief discussion with Erik, decided it did look better this way. It's very easy to make but I thought I'd post some instructions anyway:

Chain enough to go around the width of your phone, plus one side (not all the way around the phone).
Single crochet (sc) in one loop up one side of the chain, then in the other loop around the other side.
SC in the round, picking up just one loop from the stitch below (that's what makes the lines). Don't chain one at the end of your rows.
Do this until it's long enough to cover your phone.

Does this make sense? I've never given crochet instructions before, and I'm not very good at explaining things.

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