09 December 2008

big projects

It's just not the holiday season until I undertake a project too large to complete in time.  Here's the first for this year:


This is a quilt I think I started in December 2006 for my sister's April 2007 birthday.  Then I was going to finish it for Christmas.  Then I tabled it indefinitely.  But now it's back!  Just in time (hopefully) for Christmas 2008!

It is lap size and the back is a poly-cotton blend, pieced from a large piece of green and a smaller black stripe, in what reminds me of some African nation's flag.  The batting is some flannel I bought on sale long ago, thinking that I was going to make a sleeping bag liner with it.  I can't decide if I want to hand quilt it or do it on the machine.  Of course, it would be much faster if I do it on the machine.  But I've found it very difficult to avoid puckering with machine quilting.  We'll see!

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