14 December 2008

Crocheted Surprises

Inspired by Christmas crackers, hatch'ems and Maria Hwang Levy's crocheted sculptures, I've been making some surprises, or secrets, for Christmas.  Here's one, its like an insect nest, or a cocoon.

Update: Last night I remembered two other sources of inspiration: these covered rocks and other similar projects, and this package , which I think is plaster covered or maybe just a cast of an actual package, but which is awesome.


Inside is a piece of fabric with a little embroidery on it.  To get to the embroidery, the receiver has to cut open, destroy, the crochet.  Maria Hwang Levy's sculptures are receptacles for secrets, they are hidden, contained.  However, these eggs or cocoons or nests are made to be opened, secrets revealed.  It's a nice idea, huh?

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