16 March 2009

Most delicious cake

I made the most delicious chocolate cake last night.  It was unfrosted and brownie-like, but not as dense.  I would show you a picture but we ate all of it.  I got the recipe from Curious Bird.  We ate it with blueberries and a buttermilk whipped cream that is made by whipping three parts whipping cream and one part buttermilk, with a little sugar to taste and to help stiffen the cream.  I couldn't get the buttermilk whipped cream as stiff as I like my whipped cream to be, but it was so delicious it didn't matter.  It tastes a little like creme fraiche, but lighter.

You should make this cake for yourself.  It is delicious.

P.S., As Leya indicates in her post, this cake makes more than just one 9" layer.  I filled two 9" cake pans and froze one for later.

P.P.S., I only used 1 1/2 cups sugar and it was just right for me.


  1. Did you freeze the batter or a baked cake?

  2. I froze the baked cake, wrapped in plastic wrap and then foil. Also, I cut the cake into fourths, which is enough for 2 servings, so we can defrost a little at a time. But we've already eaten most of the extra cake!