01 May 2009

new things, not yet as good as old things

Yesterday I got my new wallet from Jill Bliss.  It is the same design as my old one ("slim wallet"), but not yet as good.  My old wallet had a pac man ghost on it.  The elastic band was pilling, a whole bottle of zicam had been spilled on it, and it was the best!  But now it is gone.  And now I have a new wallet, which is pretty with a pretty Jill Bliss poppy design but which is too stiff and too new!

Well, enough of that.

Did you know ZooZ MobilE has an office now?  They're in Tech Square.
Also, their website is up, myZOOZbeat.com.  Upload your ZooZes, y'all (yo)!

And also:
Thank you shavingkitsupplies for including me in your Etsy treasury!  Check out the awesome quilted beetle in her shop!

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