17 December 2009


Mark and I work in what I'm going to call south Midtown, very near the Fox and the "SoNo District," so it's a challenge to find a really good lunch restaurant.  Sure, the AT&T mall has the best Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, but we don't want to pig-out on rice and stir-fry every day.  So when I saw a new restaurant at Peachtree and 8th the other day, I was very excited.  We went to Bakeshop for lunch yesterday and what a delight!  We split a watercress, avocado, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese sandwich and roasted tomato soup.  The sandwich was open face, fork and knife required, which I appreciate, and the soup was really delicious and creamy.  Their coffee was also very good (another thing that's hard to find in our neighborhood--Dunkin' Donuts is about as good as it gets--not that there's a thing wrong with Dunkin' Donuts).  The breads and pastries looked wonderful, but we didn't have any yesterday (though I do plan to stop by after work today to pick up loaf of bread).  A suggestion: why not have real cups available for dine in customers?  It's annoying to be served a double espresso in a big paper coffee cup.

Oh and also, this place sells Atlanta Fresh yogurt! (I recommend Tropical Sweet Heat)

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  1. This is such good news! I suffer from the same lunch options as you. At first I didn't trust Bakeshop because its lettering doesn't seem cozy enough, but I trust you.