26 January 2010

Korean BBQ House

Recently we were driving back to Atlanta from Mobile (well, Fairhope if you want to get technical about it). If you've driven this route before, you probably know that there are not that many outstanding places, or even good places, to eat. Getting hungry after we passed Auburn, I was sure that we were going to end up having Burger King french fries or gas station boiled peanuts for dinner, as the largest town between Auburn and Atlanta is LaGrange. However, Mark's phone was helpful for once, and guided us to Korean BBQ House, located in lovely metropolitan Lanett AL-West Point GA, home of the new Kia assembly plant.

They were closed when we arrived. Luckily, a Kia-full of Korean men were also trying to dine there that evening. So the restaurant was opened, and as we were served cups of barley tea, one of the gentlemen finished his cigarette while watching Korean satellite TV in the dining room.  Our server didn't speak much (or chose not to speak) English, so we had a fun time pointing and smiling and nodding after I used the handful of Korean words I know.

I got the kimchi jigae which had a good flavor but the star of the evening was the dolsot bibimbap that Mark ordered.  It was delicious!  The rice was very crispy!  One of the great things about Korean food is the banchan.  This restaurant had a dish I've never seen before (though I will say I'm no Korean cuisine scholar): mayo based potato salad with corn and raisins.  I kept thinking there I was going to find octopus or something, but it was pretty much potatoes.

Mark gives the establishment 4 sombreros.  I give it a 4.5!

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