04 January 2010

what we had for dinner

Saturday's dinner party...

What we made:

Spiced pecans
Deviled eggs (with curry, sauteed in soy sauce)

Braised pork shoulder (brined for 12 hours beforehand, as suggested by Alton Brown)
Pot roast (beef) with root vegetables
Greens and sweet potato gratin (substituted mustard, turnip and collards for swiss chard, used sweet potato and acorn squash)
Black eyed peas
Pumpkin soup
Cornbread (didn't turn out that great--maybe a cornbread dressing in it's future?)
Daikon kimchee and sauerkraut (both fermented)
Dill spears, bread and butter pickles, pickled okra (from Angela)

What others brought:
Red beans and rice with Cajun sausage
Banana nut muffins
Sauteed collard greens
Creamy sweet potato soup
Potato gratin
Beer cheese bread
Veggies with lebna-garlic dip

Did I forget anything?

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