15 February 2010

making gnocchi

For dinner we made gnocchi with some winter squashes we had laying around.

First, peel and cube the squash.


Cook the squash until soft (I boiled but am going to try roasting next time: boiling makes it too wet and roasting would probably bring out more sweet flavors).


Mash! We used a potato masher and weren't too concerned if it wasn't superfine. (I don't like the idea or the name "ricer" and don't intend to ever own one.) Mix in one egg, nutmeg, pinch cayenne, salt and pepper. Add flour.


Add more flour and more flour until you've made a dough, kneading it a little on the counter. It will be a little sticky!


Cut into strips, roll those strips into logs, cut the logs into little pieces, flatten the little pieces with a fork and boil until they float.

We had our gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce, which I made by heating butter, olive oil and bacon fat (just for good measure!) over med-low for a bit, then adding fresh sage and frying them for a bit.

Add the cooked gnocchi, toss a few times, sprinkle with romano cheese, a little fresh thyme, presto!

winter squash gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce

(inspired by various recipes, including ones found here: Not Eating Out in New York, The Cooking of Joy, Eat Make Read, and Sassy Radish)

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