07 February 2010

Showbiz Pizza Zone

We recently watched The Rock-afire Explosion, a documentary about the animatronic band at ShowBiz Pizza and the people behind the magic, inventor Aaron Fechter and super-fan Chris Thrash.  After the change-over to Chuck-E-Cheese, Fechter had several leftover sets of Rock-afire Explosions that were manufactured but never installed in restaurants, and a few years ago, Thrash bought one (there's still one set available!!!!).  Since then, Chris  has opened a restaurant/arcade/music theater in Phenix City, AL ("Gateway to East Alabama") called Showbiz Pizza Zone.  We visited this weekend.  In addition to watching the shows every six minutes, we played a lot of ski-ball, "pound the hound," air hockey, some zombie shooting game and dance dance revolution.  We ended up with 93 tickets, which equalled one pair of plastic star sunglasses and three bouncy balls.


Thank you, Chris Thrash, for bringing a little magic to our lives!

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