04 February 2010


So I'm doing this thing-a-day thing, and this is what I did today:


Which isn't much. But what I really wanted to talk about is why I didn't do more today. It's because we were so busy doing other things! Like: attending a Sacred Harp practice sing! It is quite a complicated singing technique! But I'm very excited about it and already can't wait until the next practice!

Secondly, after the singing and after dinner, we watched Gates of Heaven, which is this documentary about pet cemeteries and the people connected to them, who, as you might imagine, are generally pretty weird, but in a way that's like, well, I guess everyone is.

Sacred Harp infos:
Atlanta Sacred Harp
Fasola / Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association
"Preserving the Sacred Harp Tradition" on NPR
Awake, My Soul (documentary, CD, etc.; we have the DVD if you know us and want to watch, and hope to purchase the CD soon!)
St. Paul's Biweekly Sacred Harp Singing Facebook group

Oh dear, it's way past my bedtime!

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