12 October 2010

Bell Street Burritos

Maybe you've already heard about Bell Street Burritos, which recently opened a shop at Sweet Auburn Curb Market.  Bell Street, formerly West End Burritos, started as a delivery service and has grown into a full-fledged restaurant.  Mark and I have been fans since we heard about the burritos through our Sacred Harp practice group (we could use some strong basses, gentlemen), looking forward to a delivery just about every Monday.  Since the shop has been open, deliveries are (temporarily?) discontinued, so we've been heading down to the Market pretty regularly to get our fix.

Bell Street Burrito Highlights:
Great tortillas.  Stretchy and moist.
Delicious Melted Cheese.  Tortillas are steamed with cheese on them before filling.
Perfect beans.  Pinto beans are cooked to perfection!
Red salsa.  Amazing.  I could eat it by itself.

One caveat:
I prefer to eat my burrito after it's been sitting around a little while.  They're a little squishier and juicier when just made.  I think they're better after a slight aging process in a van, on the counter, or in your refrigerator.  At home, we heat our burritos in the toaster oven, until they're warm throughout and a little crispy in some places, and I think this also adds to the eating experience.


I can't make these sombreros any smaller for some reason.

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