29 November 2010

what we had for dinner

Cocktail: lemongrass ginger tequila, Sweet Lee orange, orange bitters, soda

Leftover salad
Turkey matzo ball soup (this matzo ball recipe with turkey fat and seltzer, plus parsley, cooked in the broth, not in salted water, with turkey, carrot and celery)

Chewy chocolate ginger cookies (from Martha Stewart, made with half butter and half coconut oil, 1/2 c wheat flour in place of all-purpose, only about 4 oz chocolate, no fresh ginger, 1/3 c light brown sugar instead of 1/2 c dark, a little black pepper and salt, and, instead of molasses, sorghum syrup bought from a young man outside the Alabama State Sacred Harp Musical Convention, "from Sand Mountain, where we live").

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