05 May 2007


So we've been meaning to make some pickles ever since eating a jar of Angela's delicious pickled wax beans. I got The Joy of Pickling, by Linda Ziedrich, a while ago and we just haven't had the time to do any pickles. Until today! This morning Mark, Alex and I went to the GA State Farmer's Market in Forest Park. It was great! And we got a lot of cucumbers.

Too many, I guess. So far we've made 2 kinds of pickle: fermented pickles preserved without vinegar, just a brine and spices, and a delicious Japanese pickle made with rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. They are ready to eat in only 3 hours!

Next we're going to make some olive oil pickles, that are not canned and still don't require refrigeration to preserve them for up to 6 months!

PS, I got a new digital camera with a special "food" setting, so expect to see lots of pictures of food in the future (the previous post's photos of our meal at Los Loros are courtesy of the "food" setting, as are the cucumber/pickle pictures above.)

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  1. can we please see a review of mark's best and worst juicy juice flavors, judged in sombreros?