03 May 2007

Los Loros, Decatur GA

Leigh's Review:

At the intersection of Clairmont and North Decatur in Decatur GA, there are several Mexican restaurants. Tuesday evening, Mark and I dined at Los Loros.

Set in a strip mall, Los Loros offers the typical Mexican fare. I rate it as follows:


Food (Quesadilla Rellena)



Mark's Review:

There was a man sitting in the booth across from us that seemed to be reading several newspapers. He arrived after us, and the first thing I heard him say was a sudden complaint to the host about the poor service. Somehow, he soon got into a conversation with the waiter (over a "cerveza grande") about how his wife and kids were out of town for the night and he just wanted to eat at a Mexican restaurant.
I got the "La Changa".

Friendly wait-staff:


Queso Cheese Dip/Coating:


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