16 December 2007

Christmas crafts

Mark and I went to Auburn this weekend:

driving from Auburn

so I didn't get as much done craft-wise as I had planned. However, I did receive the moo cards I ordered for my mom, and got a chance to work on some shopping bags tonight. I got the pattern here (I added the pocket), and have been making some out of old sheets. It's a pretty easy pattern and the bags fold small and are easy to carry, so you don't have to get a bag every time you get a couple of things at a store. However, I usually feel anxious as I'm checking out, busy thinking about when to say that I don't need a bag, hoping to catch the cashier before my gift card or whatever is already in a bag, hoping that it won't be a big problem for this person.


We had a really good time in Auburn, it was very relaxing hanging out and not doing anything all weekend, but now I feel kind of stressed because I had all these projects planned for Christmas and now I only have about 3 days to complete them, as Mark and I are driving down to visit his parents in Fairhope on Thursday. But I guess I just need to accept that some things will be late and there's nothing that I can do about that and it's no tragedy anyway.

I'm very interested in starting to sell some quilts and other crafts online or elsewhere. Step one is trying to post on this blog more to drum up some interest in what I'm doing with my craft life. The actual craft-making I plan to start after all this Christmas business is over. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh and one more thing, Mark wants to start a blog for his thesis in Music Technology and is looking for suggestions for the title. Something punny.

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