18 December 2007

The New AT&T

Oh, I know it's pretty clichéd to complain about internet/phone/cable service, but I hate I hate I hate AT&T!!! Ever since my neighbor who was giving me internet moved away, I've been internetless, until last month when I decided that I would pay for it. From the beginning it has been a horrible experience. I've been on hold for 30 minutes at a time, they are charging me more than they quoted, and it seems that they have the worst phone menu ever (it won't let you just say "operator" and talk to a real person, you have to follow the steps to the end of the menu, like some horrible mind game, and then when you actually get someone on the line, they make you repeat all the information you gave the machine!). They are charging me for time I couldn't use the internet because of their problems. Every time an operator tries to transfer me to another department, we get disconnected. Or they can't transfer the call at all, they just give me another number to call, and that leads to another interminable menu.

I should have gotten Speakeasy.

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