18 December 2007


Ever since I made those bags the other day I've been thinking they seem a little narrow. Today, making a few more, I realized my mistake. Instead of tucking in 1.5" on each side for the gusset, I did 3" each, so the gusset is twice as wide as it should be.

Oh, I just can't seem to do this right, I guess 3" was correct, for a gusset of 6", I just don't know where my head is.


  1. huh? wha? gusset? Is this fabric talk?

    I didnt know you & Mark had a blog, Leigh. Now I can keep up with the both of you! Mwwwaahahahahahahahahha!

  2. I guess it's really just my blog...Mark's supposed to post about music information retrieval and digital signal processing and things like that, but never does.