19 December 2007

Angela, if you're reading this stop reading. Until after Christmas.

I've been fretting over what to do for Angela for Christmas. I haven't been able to think of anything nice, but also useful, or at least not just some piece of junk that will take up space until she and Nate finally decide to get rid of it. But all day I've been thinking about the rectangles of felt I have leftover from the Moorish Idols pins I made (or rather, leftover from the pins I didn't make), and found a couple of timely posts today (on craftzine.com, is that a turnip?!; and this mistletoe on Haute*Nature) and remembered this lovely lady's lovely craft, and was inspired.

little birdie on my legs

It's little underside is light blue.

It's nothing useful, but then I guess some would argue that the beautiful isn't. Or at least, I would say, it doesn't have to be.

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