06 January 2008

Back to work!

I'm so glad the holiday season is over, I don't think I could take another weekend out of town, with family, eating too much, etc. I've again picked up the quilt I have been working on for my sister:

quilt in progress + Niko

It's a little smaller than I wanted it to be, so I plan on adding a wide boarder, maybe 4", the size of the blocks. And I feel like I don't like the colors very much. But at this point there's little that can be done about that! The pattern is from 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts, a book my mom bought me a while ago. There are some nice patterns in this book and I've found the info in the back about quilting stitches very helpful.

Speaking of quilt books, I got The Modern Quilt Workshop for Christmas and can't wait to try some of these, especially Plain Spoken (check out the Flickr group...). This book says some things about quilting that are totally different from what I've heard everywhere else, such as you should press seams open, not to one side, to cut down on fabric bulk and therefore wear over time. They also advise quilters not to tie their quilts because again, the fabric doesn't wear well over time. This is especially disappointing to hear as I was planning on tying this quilt, and I'm not quite sure how I want to quilt it.

And in case you were wondering, here's where all the craft magic happens in my little apartment. I'd really like a new desk someday.

Where the magic happens.

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