06 January 2008

"These guys used to be the Moorish Idols"

So David's started a band with himself and he put on a performance Friday night at Eyedrum. I'd say it was a very nice show and very nice to see him doing what he wants to do. I feel that whenever I talk about how unhappy I am with my job I scare people away like a bitter old lady. So it's nice to see someone doing something they like to do instead of complaining about what they don't like to do to all their friends whenever they go out.

Nomen Novum @ Eyedrum


  1. I feel the exact same way about my
    job, too. I think most folks do.

    Is that Mark on the right?

  2. Yes, that's Mark on the right. I wish now I had taken some video instead of just playing around with the little tripod I got and using the long exposure setting on my camera.

    It's nice to hear other people feel similarly about their jobs, but also so very frustrating and sad. Oh to not be alienated from our labor!