20 February 2008

Korea pt 2: the bug museum

The weekend I stayed on Jeju Island with Korinne and Joey, Joey hired a car and we went to PsycheWorld. Korinne's ten year old students say it's Psyche like Greek mythology, not, it's gonna psyche you out, but you wouldn't know the difference by visiting. I believe there are many worlds of adventure at PsycheWorld, however, it was snowing when we were there, and much of the adventure was outdoors, or at least, you had to go outside to get to them, so we stuck to the bug museum. There were a few displays detailing the life cycles, diets, habitats, disguises, etc. of many bugs. And then there were a lot of "exhibits" with real bugs dressed up and posed in very unbuglike behavior. Here's a fave:

bugs building the building housing the exhibit

That's PsycheWorld's main building those industrious bugs are building.

Perhaps the strangest thing about PsycheWorld was not the bugs working out, boxing, getting hair cuts, but the "interactive" section where they had, among other things, parakeets and hedgehogs to hold, and a cat and puppy tied up to be petted. There were also many displays of what appeared to be an attempt to showcase live bugs, but all the bugs were dead when we visited. Or maybe they were just sleeping.

Finally, there were no bug snacks to be had in the gift shop.
Later in the trip, when we were in Seoul, I did get to try some bugs, stewed silkworm larvae. I thought they were gross.

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