16 March 2008

Cat Litter pt. 2

So maybe I have found the perfect cat litter and maybe it's not PaPurr Scoop (if you'll recall my other cat-product related post, I noted that PaPurr Scoop is very good in the litter box, but hard to find locally). It's Feline Pine Scoop, which is basically sawdust with some gluey making agent that helps it bind with the urine. I was very skeptical when I bought it because Niko's tried Feline Pine regular, the little pellets, and it's pretty much the worst litter around. When it gets wet the pellets dissolve so unless you have a sifting litter box or change out the litter box every day (by scooping out the solid waste, disposing of it, scooping out the solid good litter, holding on to it, and disposing of all the pee-sawdust mix), you basically have a bunch of pee sitting in the litter box, and then the cat doesn't want to pee there anymore so there's pee all over your house. BUT Feline Pine Scoop is much better. It really does cover odors naturally, and I'm not that surprised because Angela told me that some of her friends live in the woods without plumbing or even an outhouse, they just have a bucket they use and then cover with a little sawdust. And Niko likes it. And she doesn't track little litter granules everywhere, it's really soft, almost unnoticeable sawdust. My only concern is, where does this sawdust come from? What I like about PaPurr is that it's made from recycled paper, so it's serving a purpose for me while keeping paper out of landfills. While Feline Pine's website and box say it's made of renewable pine, I'm concerned a tree is actually being cut down to make something for my cat to pee on (in?).

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