20 May 2008

My Final Word on Cat Litter

So as you may be aware, I've been looking for the perfect cat litter (or purr-fect, if you purr-fur) for some time. I first found PaPurr Scoop, a granulated litter made from recycled newspaper scented with lavender. It clumps well and smells good (for cat litter). A couple of drawbacks: the price--it's a little more expensive than regular clumping cat litter, and the packaging--it comes in a plastic bag. Then I tried Feline Pine Scoop, which is basically sawdust mixed with guar bean gum that makes it clump. It does clump well, better even than regular litters. And as long as you scoop on a regular basis, it doesn't smell at all. One drawback is it gets really slimy and sticky when wet, so when I'm cleaning the litter box, if there is some stuck to the sides it's really hard to get off. But it comes in a cardboard box, and is light, and is cheap, and I just noticed on their website, it is made from by-product of lumber production, so no trees are cut to fill the litter box. So I think it's pretty much settled, Feline Pine Scoop is the best cat litter.

1 comment:

  1. Before you make your final decision, you should really try Perfect Litter by Pet Ecology. The litter is 100% natural and earth friendly. It's flushable, it clumps,is 70% lighter than traditional litter, eliminates odor, dust free, longer lasting (one 2lb. bag is equivalent to 14lbs. of regular litter and it absorbs 4x more than clay based litter) and, to my knowledge, is the only litter on the market that is organic! My cats love it! They even make Perfect Litter Alert which has a patented warning system that tells you when your cat has feline lower unirary tract disease(FLUTD) by turning the litter pink when urinated on! They also have one that indicates diabetes! I think you can only get it online, but I have heard Pet Ecology is about to branch out to some retail spots too! Let me know if you try it! Trust me you will become addicted! My cats are spoiled and won't use anything else! I know they make other products like fat free dog treats, but I don't own dogs, so I can't tell you much about them. Their website is www.petecology.com.