11 June 2008


Tonight I took a class with Charli and Stephanie at Oakhurst Community Garden. It was so exciting! We made sauerkraut and fermented gingered carrots. Or actually, we prepared these and mother nature will turn our labor into delicious treats soon!


I also got some kefir grains that I'm particularly excited about because they only take 24 hours to turn milk into kefir. I think the grains are another example of a scoby that produces a delicious drink. But perhaps not because the formation is vastly different from the scoby that makes kombucha. Oh, I just read here that you can use kefir grains to make ginger beer!

I think another thing that was so exciting about class was the presence of all these wonderful women who are doing things that I consider interesting and meaningful. At my work, too, I am surrounded by strong older women. They make quite an impression. It's quite a change from the bag business!

P.S., Niko and I have fleas, any suggestions?

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