12 June 2008

Pickle Attempt Season 2

Today I went to the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market (I am thinking "farmers" should be s-apostrophe, but the website is just s...). I got some garlic and broccoli and some cucumbers for pickling. I'm trying a different method this time, no plastic bag stuffed down inside the jar as advocated by Linda Ziedrich in The Joby of Pickling. One, I don't have any plastic bags, and two, it seems from what I learned yesterday that as long as the food is submerged below the liquid, it should be fine. So we'll see.

just cucumbers right now

If you're wondering why I'm fermenting in my bedroom it's because it's the coolest room in the house. I was told the sauerkraut needed to be no warmer than 80, and I'm sure my kitchen gets hotter than that, as it has no air conditioner, and I wouldn't use during the day even if it did.

Also, EAV Farmers Market accepts food stamps as part of a pilot program with the State of Georgia. Isn't that cool? The little guy I talked to at the market said they're also working with the local Boys & Girls club to do gardening projects. Ah, I'd really like to do something like that in Midtown...

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