03 August 2008

Fermenting Success!

I started fermenting pickles before we went to Panama and I've been afraid to taste them ever since.  But today I had one and I'm happy to proclaim that they are a success!  I made tea pickles with lapsang souchong tea:

fermented pickles!

sauerkraut, which we have been eating for a while, and which is miraculously made with just cabbage and salt (I added caraway for flavor and some anti-bad-bacterial properties--no whey starter is needed because the bacteria necessary for fermentation lives on the leaves of the cabbage!):

fermented sauerkraut!

and carrot-daikon-ginger-garlic, which is very good:

fermented carrot-daikon!

The ginger carrots I made during the furmenting class are a bit too sweet, and I was told to sit them out a little while longer for them to sour more.
I attribute all this success to using organic veggies.  The ladies who taught the class noted that sometimes non-organic produce won't ferment at all, it will just spoil.

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