03 August 2008

Spanish for a Tasty Man

Sabroso is Spanish for "tasty man," or so I'm told. And tasty he is! Friends took us to Sabroso on Saturday after we helped them move. Mark had a cheese dip covered burrito, I just had beans and rice, because I had a dinner date just a couple of hours later. Here's how Sabroso's fare fared:

Leigh's review:
The margarita is not too strong but I did find it to be a little sweet this weekend. The rice was peppery, which I liked. Beans were nothing special.



Sabroso Margarita:

Mark's review:
I'm confident that nothing can satisfy a physically fatigued, dried-sweat-covered body better than fried chips, cheese, and citrus-y cocktails. Sabroso has these things.

Queso burrito (not much covered as swimming in):

Creamy guacamole:

Replenishing depleted salts via margarita:

Here are a couple of pictures of Mr. Sabroso himself:


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