06 November 2008

Picture for Will

Yesterday I went for a walk to return our library books. Before I left the house I decided I wanted to take a picture for Will, as a response to something he wrote on his blog. It could be a new little project, picture response to writing, writing response to picture. But I need more practice taking a picture for someone, because I never could take a picture with the intention that it was for Will. I only ever thought of that afterward. So, here are three pictures I picked out just now, for maybe my fave Will poem, "for Delta," which I would link to, except it seems that he's taken down his blog. But anyway.

P1200180 P1200178 P1200183

1 comment:

  1. For Delta

    Maybe you were born in winter
    Not gasping despite the spanking
    Your eys open wide
    The two tiny friendly skies
    Your Mother sailed through
    To your new mind
    & to see you breathe then,
    skinny baby,
    Before you died
    They inflated you with tubes
    & you went to pink from blue,
    lucky you,
    While it was white outside