06 November 2008

Sonic Generator

Monday was Sonic Generator's first performance of the season. I think this may have been the best I've seen. Mark created an audio-reactive video piece for "Ossi di sappia (Cuttlefish bones)," a work by Marco Nardelli for flute that includes audio-reactive computer sounds. Jessica Peek Sherwood is the flutist (or flautist, if you'd prefer) that he's been working with on the piece. It was very well performed, and the video turned out great! Here is Mark, hard at work:

Mark at work

The best performance of the night was "Observations," composed by Tristan Perich. For this piece, the ensemble received a package from Perich containing six car speakers and a $40 circut board. The circut produces electronic sounds with no dynamics, there is either sound or no sound. Accompanying this are two crotales (skillfully played by Tom Sherwood and John Lawless) which all together combine to create a really rich (and loud) listening experience. It was thrilling.

If you're interested in seeing Mark's video in action, you should come to the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology Open House tomorrow from 4:00-6:00 PM in the Couch Building.

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  1. This was before Leigh decided it was cold enough to turn the heat on. And I was hacking into the BBS.