02 November 2008

Projects Completed!

I have finished two other pillow-emborideries, the first from Charlie B's Aesthetic Phonetic series:

Aesthetic Phonetic #5

Aesthetic Phonetic #5

The back of the pillow is dark blue fabric, matching the embroidery floss used on the front.  I am thinking this may be the last Aesthetic Phonetic pillow I make.

The second pillow is this one, the first in a series of palindromic pillows:


Palindromic Pillow 1

It looks pretty nice in person.  I wish I had used 100% cotton or linen fabric, this fabric is a poly-cotton blend and it really doesn't feel as good as a natural fiber.  The next pillow in this series will be "tacocat," and maybe someday I will do "a man, a plan, a canal..."

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