20 January 2009

works in progress

I've been working on Mark's Christmas present which is shaping up to be more like a Valentine present instead, because, you know, it's taking me so long.  Here it is:


Pretty nice, eh?  It's going to be an Apple IIe, the very same computer on which I learned how to touch type and spent so many hours playing Oregon Trail and Math Blaster.  The keyboard is going to be so time consuming, I don't even want to think about it!  The fabric is 2mm wool felt from FilzFelt and the whole thing will one day be a laptop cover.

In the area of other projects, I beleive I'm going to be making even more crocheted surprises for giving to the city of Atlanta, as suggested by Josh.

And finally, I was in a store the other day and experienced what I would describe as an authentic being with the world, an encounter.  I can't really give more detail than that, but this is just to say that we might all try to be more mindful of those moments when we come into them.  I'm reminded of a lot of things, but here's one that seems very appropriate.

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