29 March 2009

resume work on my resume

Today I was looking through all my old coursework from college, trying to find the titles of three papers I presented while an undergrad for which to update my résumé (resumé, resume, I just learned how to insert the accented e with a macintosh).  It was a happy jaunt down my academic memory lane.  Oh, the days when I wrote ridicculously titled papers (such as "Stamp a Grand Yes on the Forehand of Eternity" or simply, "Oh Yes!")--that's what we were taught in school: make a good title.

Oh yes!

And also: drinking grape juice in Soddy Daisy TN:
Nestled between wooden mountain ridges and sparkling Soddy Lake, Soddy-Daisy captures the best of both rural and urban life. With Chattanooga less than twenty minutes away, residents enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of a large metropolitan area tempered with the small-town friendliness and spectacular beauty that characterize Soddy-Daisy.

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