11 October 2010

Bakeshop update

A while ago, I wrote a little review of Bakeshop, a bakery in the Midtown neighborhood.  Since that first visit, Bakeshop has gone through several waves of changes, I imagine due in part to the split from Concentrics Restaurants, the group that partnered with Jonathan St. Hilaire to open the bakery.  For one thing, they've changed the location of the registered at least three times, and changed the ordering and table busing system a couple of times.  They appear to no longer offer 1000 Faces coffee or Atlanta Fresh yogurt.  And the menu items are all pre-prepared--wrapped sandwiches and boxed salads.  It seems as though they're trying to phase out the dine-in component.  The prices at Bakeshop are really too high for upscale fast food.

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