21 March 2011

Thinking Ahead

A while ago we bought half a pig head, figuring we'd cook it eventually.


We did it last weekend!


When it was time to eat, I found the meat grosser cooked than when it was raw. When it's raw it's flesh, but when it's cooked, it's this kind of disgusting meat. Maybe I almost became a vegetarian last weekend. But then the other day I had some leftovers and really enjoyed it.

The recipe we used includes chopped up ear, which I would omit next time, because the ear is just cartilagy and, I think, unpleasant. Also, despite warnings, we stuffed everything into the face roll, which made it too big and unwieldy and I think contributed to me thinking the end result was kind of gross.

We have leftovers in the freezer if you want to come for dinner.

More details here.

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