26 February 2007


One of our (and by our, I mean Material Motion, Inc.) Turkish suppliers visited this weekend. Michelle brought with her the most delicious candies. They are double roasted Turkish delights with pistachios covered in dark chocolate. They're really really really good. I didn't even know Turkish delights were a real candy. I thought thought they were just some sort of cartoon thing or something.


  1. "turkish delights" seemed like the absolute ultimate fantasy candy when i was a kid - me and holden used to watch the lion, the witch and the wardrobe cartoon and salivate over 'em.. we'd ask our mom if she could make us some or buy them, and i'm pretty sure she always just told us that they didn't really exist, it was just something they made up for the cartoon... so the legend of the turkish delights was born. i imagine this wasn't an uncommon scenario for many of us kids, either.

    seriously, casually mention turkish delights to holden sometime... i guarantee he'll tell you how good they looked in that cartoon.

  2. see, whenever I found out what turkish delight actually was, it didn't really seem that delightful. it sounded like a cross between nougat and fruitcake.