26 February 2007

Las Margaritas, Cheshire Bridge Rd., ATL

Mark's Review:
Without tasting what are billed as the "City's Best Margaritas" (midterm tomorrow... :(P), we are both in agreement that this was one of the most satisfying Mexican eateries this town has to offer! Do not be fooled by the neighboring strip clubs and adult novelty stores; this is a classy establishment, perhaps a little classier than we are used to (see earlier posts for F.R.O.G.S. review). And don't forget to catch a glimpse of the heavenly angel-pigs decorating the ceiling! Delightful!

Flautas Supremas:

Cheesy refried beans:

Carafe of water left on the table:

Spanish rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung to neighboring table:

Leigh's Review:
My Tacos al Pastor were delicious, and came with a nice side of plantains, many of which have the crunchy ends of which I am fond. Our server, however, forgot to bring the cheese dip. While at some other places I might find these to be annoying, here it was more along the lines of the "psychic server," the likes of which I have not seen since dining at a sushi restaurant in Chattanooga many years ago. After ordering FAR more food than my companion and I could eat in even two or three meals, we caught the eye of our waiter to tell him we didn't need the three or seven or maybe ten other rolls we had ordered and were waiting on. With a gaze of what we thought at the time to be a zenlike calm, he told us, "I know," and soon brought us the check.

Tacos al Pastor:


Absence of Cheese Dip:

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  1. Were they all, "Feliz Cumpleanos a ti! Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!"? That's sweet.