11 February 2008

Felt Rocks

I really like everything that Stephanie Congdon Barnes does. Maybe you will remember my earlier post about her lovely flannel covered stones, and the little birdie I made for Angela.

As a host/ess gift for Korinne and Joey, who were so kind to let me stay with them in Jeju, I made these little felt covered quartz things:

felt covered rocks

I think they turned out quite nice. The color of the felt loosely represents the color of the stone inside, but I feel that's giving away too much of the mystery. Anyway, when I presented these to Korinne and Joey, they were sort of like, "thanks, but next time bring something of real value." Well, I don't know if that was it exactly, but it was definitely a reaction akin to when a toddler presents you with his finger-paint masterpiece.

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  1. ha! Yeah - Joey probably would have preferred some pizza rolls...