14 February 2008


I haven't really been thing-a-daying, partially because I haven't been making the time, but also because the website is really slow and bogs down my computer. I suppose that's no excuse. If you're interested, I made the Smitten Kitchen pudding tonight, and my was it wonderful. One of the best things about it, aside from the deliciousness, is how easy it is. Most of the ingredients I already had in the kitchen, and it's basically as easy as making it from the box. There are a few moments when it looks like you've made a terrible mistake and you're going to have to trash the whole thing:

eew what is that

But don't give up! Stir a little longer and it turns into this:

yum!: day 14

On a less appetizing note, did you know that salmonella has a blog?

Here's a quote from a book Mark's reading: "The early Greeks were uncertain as to whether two was a number at all."

And finally, I feel I should be blogging away about my trip to Korea, but I don't know, I guess I haven't much to say about it yet. I guess I'm still "unpacking."

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